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Leading a school today is one of the hardest and most stressful roles in the workplace and in the world at large. Headteachers and school leaders have few places to seek out advice support and personal guidance and are often the last in an institution to have coaching or support for their ‘well being’. It does not have to be that way!

At Leadercoach, we have life coaching advisors who are very experienced school leaders, who know and understand the pressures, stresses and anxieties that Headteacher and senior roles can impose on an individual. Our coaching advisors can therefore ‘ask the right question’ to assist and support the client to move positively forward, reduce anxiety and reach personal goals in life.

Life coaching is highly successful in this field and has helped many Headteachers and school leaders to prioritise workloads, decide clear objectives for themselves, have new perspectives on stressful situations, and it has brought them personal piece of mind. Clients have been able to maintain motivation, tackle difficult situations with confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and with the help of a life coach identify and celebrate the successes in their role as school leaders and move confidently forward in their careers.

One  of our specialist areas of life coaching services is to assist Headteachers and Senior Leaders who are not resident in the UK. We do this using VOIP Internet telephony services such as Skype. Coaching is carried out via the Internet, and there is no charge for the call provided both client and coach have the software installed. This is particularly successful for clients in countries where life coaching is not available. Leadercoach has developed expertise using this telephony to provide life coaching support to International Headteachers, Directors and school leaders. These professionals are frequently not in the best supportive situations, due to the unique workplaces and pressures of their roles, but Leadercoach is now available to assist.

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