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Coaching for Success!

Initially developed as a motivational tool for executive coaching in the corporate world and aims to help clients determine and achieve personal goals.

When we describe using a life coach we are not talking about helping incompetent or weak Headteachers or school leaders. Life coaching assists normal people who have their lives together but who would value the opportunity of having somebody to help them “think outside the box”.

Life coaching is a well respected and invaluable tool now being used by business leaders across the world.

Life coaching uses multiple methods that will help clients with the process of setting and successfully reaching goals.

Life coaching is not targeted at psychological illness and coaches are

neither therapists nor consultants.

An experienced life coach provides a Headteacher or school leader with strict confidentiality and with a personalised, impartial, non-judgemental, but challenging, support framework.

By working with a Headteacher or school leader a life coach  enables and assists an individual to successfully go far beyond what they would have believed they could achieve in their life and work.

Having supportive family and friends is invaluable, but often they are unable to offer advice that is not clouded by their own wishes, issues or problems.

A life coach assists Headteachers and school leaders by having a clear mind and agenda, and guides them in identifying their own potential, helping them to clarify their own objectives, discover hidden opportunities, gain motivation, and clearly plan for their future success

Every Client is Unique.

We all posses differing desires, priorities, challenges, and come from all walks of life, yet we all have within us the ability and potential to be successful.

Leadercoach Life Coaching can assist you in successfully achieving your personal goals in life.

Headteacher Support

Life coaching is a new option for the “worried well” - those whose lives are only slightly askew. No longer does a person need a diagnosis from a psychotherapist who delves into the painful past. An upbeat life coach becomes a partner in defining a personal better future for a client.